The PEM Charitable Trust.

Historically, PEM staff have nominated and fundraised for a charity every two years. This enabled us to raise large amounts of money for the designated charity which was voted for by staff. Most recently we raised over £20,000 for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity.

Other previous charities include:

  • East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices
  • Blue Smile
  • Teenage Cancer Trust
  • The Sick Children’s Trust
  • The Rosie (Addenbrooke’s)

Towards the end of 2018 we decided that we wanted to increase our impact in the local community and proudly launched the PEM Charitable Trust (registered charity number 1181792)

As a Cambridge firm, we wanted to be able to support local Cambridge charities, no matter how big or small. Developing the PEM Charitable Trust will enable us to be more agile, so that we can support smaller charities with one off donations, as well as larger local charities.

The PEM Charitable Trust is a registered charity, managed by four internal trustees – James Burrett, Kelly Bretherick, Warren Tilbury and Michael Godfrey, and one external trustee – Laurence Weeks. The trustees work alongside our Corporate Social Responsibility committee which consists of 10 members of staff who together represent the firm.

PEM are committing to ongoing fundraising so that charities are able to apply for grants which will be considered and if successful, will receive a one-off grant or donation.

We began fundraising for the Trust in 2019 and hope to start accepting grant applications from January 2023.

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