When flexibility is the key as you are uncertain about the future a trust can be a perfect solution.  Modern trusts play an important part in family financial management shielding wealth from erosion, providing protection for vulnerable individuals and enabling a gift to be made whilst retaining control.

Trusts have a reputation for being complicated and inflexible, but today this reputation is undeserved. They do have tax and administrative obligations that must be fulfilled but our specialist trust team can cut through the red tape and manage all of this so that administration is simple, cost effective and relevant allowing you to achieve your family goals.

  • Register for Self Assessment
  • Resister for international compliance
  • Prepare annual accounts
  • Calculate the annual tax position
  • Complete trust Self-assessment tax returns –reporting all income and gains
  • Advise on most tax efficient payments to beneficiaries
  • Complete repayment claims for beneficiaries
  • Prepare inheritance tax returns, including ten year and exit charges

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