PEM Charitable Trust donate toys and resources to Ormiston Families.

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In June, the PEM Charitable Trust donated over £500 worth of books, toys, and resources such as clay and Play-Doh to Ormiston Families in support of their “Stars Bereavement” service for children.

Toys, books, play-doh and clay donated by the PEM Charitable Trust to charity Ormiston Families

Ormiston Families have a Cambridgeshire base in Teversham, where they aim to support families build resilience and make choices to improve the mental well being of their children.

Ann‑Marie McKiernan, Manager  at Ormiston Families has said:

‘I would like to thank PEM for their very kind and generous donation of all these wonderful resources. Play is the language of children and everything that you have provided will help Stars counsellors to support bereaved children to explore very difficult emotions associated with grief and make sense of their loss’.

If you know of a Cambridgeshire charity in need, please direct them to apply for funding via the PEM Charitable Trust page on our website.