PEM Cambridge Colleges Benchmark Report 2020.

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Welcome to the Cambridge Colleges Benchmark Report for 2020. This is our second survey of the Operating and Financial Reviews (OFR) of the Cambridge Colleges. The purpose of this report is to review the OFR of all 31 Cambridge Colleges for the year 2019/20 to provide insight as to where improvements to the reports can be made.

Our review this year has compared the findings from this year to last year, to enable any trends to be identified across the Colleges. As I write this foreword the press have just announced that Cambridge University will not hold any face to face lectures over the course of the next academic year due to coronavirus. Whilst we appreciate that the Cambridge Colleges offer so much more than this with small study groups and collegiate living, the delivery of this message by the UK press is a PR disaster. The impact of the total cancellation of conferences this summer will not be reported on until the 2020/21 financial statements and the full impact of the pandemic will not be known, I suspect for many years.

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