PEM mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

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PEM mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

PEM, a leading accounting, tax and business advisory firm in Cambridge, proudly celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week with a series of engaging activities aimed at promoting mental well-being and fostering a supportive working environment.

PEM weekly mental health activities

Organised by PEM’s Mental Health First Aiders, the week-long event embraced the theme “Movement for Mental Health,” featuring a diverse range of activities designed to engage, educate and uplift employees.

Throughout the week, employees participated in a step challenge, encouraging everyone to stay active and embrace the benefits of physical movement for mental health. Creativity was also in full swing with a photography competition, where employees captured and shared their best photographs and the week included a friendly netball match in Comberton, promoting teamwork, physical fitness and most importantly, fun.

What’s more, employees gathered in the PEM garden to enjoy a lunchtime quiz, as well as attending guided tours of the Cambridge Botanic Gardens and Milton Country Park, which allowed employees to enjoy the positive impact of nature on mental well-being. A captivating talk by Boutros Bear titled “Enabling Employees to Thrive” provided valuable insights into fostering a supportive work environment and enhancing employee well-being, and students also attended an interesting session with First Intuition on managing exam stress and effective revision strategies, supporting employees balancing work and studies.

To add a delightful touch to the week, employees enjoyed ice creams from the Saffron Walden Ice Cream Company, offering a moment of relaxation and enjoyment.

“We are delighted with the overwhelming participation and positive feedback from our employees,” said Warren Tilbury, Managing Partner at PEM. “Mental Health Awareness Week at PEM was more than just an event; it was a testament to our commitment to fostering a supportive and health-conscious workplace. By incorporating a variety of activities, we aimed to address different aspects of mental well-being, ensuring there was something for everyone.”

The firm looks forward to continuing its efforts to promote mental health and well-being among its employees.