International Employment Tax.

Your employees are key to the success of your business as well as one of your major costs, and as the world grows ever smaller, decisions on international expansion or recruitment will affect those employees and the cost of employing them.

Expanding overseas by relocating UK based staff to work overseas? Investing into the UK by employing UK staff for the first time or relocating overseas staff to work in the UK? Are you a UK company managed by directors who are resident overseas? Do your overseas employees visit the UK or do your UK employees visit overseas locations on a short term basis? Are you taking advantage of digital advances to allow employees to work from their home overseas or in the UK if you are an overseas business?

All of these international scenarios have one thing in common for employers and their employees: the need to understand and comply with the tax and social security implications and the reporting obligations in both the home and host country, as well as the interaction between them.  As an employer, this need for employee mobility has to be balanced with the need to lessen the impact of the international tax considerations for your employees and to minimise costs for the business.

At PEM we take the time to understand your own and your employees’ objectives and concerns about international employment and we work to smooth your way through the process.  As a member of Kreston International the 12th largest network of independent accounting firms with over 200 firms in 125 countries we are well placed to ensure you and your employees receive the advice you need wherever in the world you are operating.

At PEM our international employment taxes team can advise on:

  • The UK and overseas payroll, tax and social security consequences of UK based staff being seconded overseas and overseas staff being seconded to the UK
  • The tax, social security and payroll obligations of overseas companies employing UK staff
  • The tax consequences of a UK company engaging foreign-based directors
  • The tax reporting obligations of your employees visiting the UK or overseas locations on a short term basis
  • Tax efficient international expenses, benefits and relocation packages
  • Reporting requirements for the UK and foreign tax territories
  • Applications to obtain HMRC agreement in respect of international employment tax and social security matters
  • International share schemes and incentives

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