PEM response to Coronavirus (COVID-19): Practical Guidance for clients and contacts.

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We recognise that the current situation regarding the spread of COVID-19 is a cause of great concern to many, however, we want to assure our clients and contacts that we are committed to ensuring the continuity of our services and support to you.
Our approach has been, and will be, to closely follow government guidance and take whatever steps are necessary to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.
Our approach
  • We’ve created a central team to co-ordinate our response to ensure that we can keep our team safe while continuing to deliver our services with minimal disruption to our clients and contacts.
  • Following government guidance, we are working towards remote working for our staff and we have the technological capability to allow this. We would like to assure our clients that all information and data is secure when it is accessed remotely.
  • To reduce the chance of contamination we have reduced all unnecessary business travel and training. Face to face meetings will be replaced with video conferencing, virtual meetings and phone calls where possible.
  • We have postponed all event activity for the foreseeable future.
Client assurance and support

We are aware that many of you are going to require additional assistance through this difficult period and we want to work with you through this challenging time.

  • We are ready to deliver our services to you as seamlessly as possible so that any disruption is minimised.
  • As far as possible we are happy to adapt our procedures to meet any specific requirements that you may have.
  • For work being carried out in the next 12 weeks, please note that your existing PEM contact will be calling you to discuss how and when this work can be undertaken and where possible, we will conduct the work through alternative means.

Our team of experts are continuously updating our website with practical support, help sheets and information for businesses, individuals and charities which can be found below. We will continue to update this guidance regularly but if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to your PEM contacts directly.

Kind regards

Warren Tilbury
Managing Partner, PEM

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Stay up-to-date

We highly recommend that businesses stay up-to-date and follow advice from organisations such as:

Public Health England (PHE)

Public Health Wales

Health Protection Scotland (HPS)

Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advice


Please note that whilst the above is accurate as of the date of publication the situation is very fluid, and changes will inevitably occur. We advise that you consult the government’s official guidance for the latest available information.