Probate Services

Probate Services

When someone dies there is not only grief to deal with but a host of pressing, practical matters.

Perhaps the most daunting is determining the deceased’s financial position and applying for probate, the process which allows you to take control of their affairs.

Traditionally probate has been the preserve of solicitors but the Legal Services Act 2007 opened up the provision of certain services to other appropriate professionals from August 2014. PEM is now licensed to offer a complete will administration and probate service.

How we can help

Our relationship with our clients is based on knowing you, and understanding what you want and need. In many cases we have known our clients and their families for a long time, and have been involved with their estate planning. This existing relationship gives us a head start in helping you at a time of great stress: you already know us, and trust us. 

We also have much of the information needed to start work on estate administration, cutting down on fact-finding and making the process quicker and simpler for you.

A service to suit you

We can help as much – or as little – as executors want.
Some people are confident enough to administer the estate themselves needing support only if problems arise. In certain cases we would actively encourage the DIY route, because we want what is best for your circumstances.

Where a will is exceptionally complex – or when the executors haven’t got the time or inclination to do battle with paperwork and red tape – we can handle everything for you.

What we do

Our existing relationship with you means that, in many cases we know of a death before any decision has been made on who should administer the estate. We have always given, and will continue to give, practical advice from day one – for example how to register a death, although this is not strictly part of the probate process.

In many instances we will work with executors managing the technical administration whilst the executors handle practical issues.

Working with the executors we can:

  • Obtain the will;
  • Agree who will determine all the assets and liabilities – and carry this out if required;
  • Advertise the death to notify creditors;
  • Investigate gifts made during the deceased’s lifetime which might affect the Inheritance Tax position
  • Complete and return the Inheritance Tax forms
  • Arrange for Inheritance Tax to be paid;
  • Apply for the grant of probate (the only part of the process we were unable to do before we obtained our licence);
  • Collect the assets;
  • Complete the estate accounts;
  • Make the final distributions to beneficiaries.

Our fees

We do not charge to be an executor or a trustee as such and will bill only for time spent. We will not charge a percentage of the estate.

Our rates will be competitive – and in certain circumstances we will offer a fixed fee, giving you certainty and peace of mind.

If you would like any further information regarding our probate services,  please contact our Probate team or send us an online enquiry.

As part of our registration with the ICAEW we are required to publish the findings of our Diversity Survey report for PEM. Our statistics for 2017 can be found here