Payroll is becoming more and more complex and increasingly onerous for employers. Providing payroll services in-house can be costly due to recruiting and retaining qualified staff and the IT requirements which are often out of reach for many smaller businesses. By outsourcing your payroll function to PEM Payroll, you can rest assured your staff are paid accurately, on time and with the utmost confidentiality.

We work closely with you to meet your needs and tailor the Payroll service to your requirements. This Includes:

  • HMRC Real Time Information - FPS/EPS submissions
  • Flexible pay periods: weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Statutory deductions: Income Tax, PAYE, National Insurance, Attachment of Earnings
  • Voluntary deductions: Union fees, Healthcare, Childcare Vouchers
  • Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay
  • Pensions
  • Year end forms and online filings
  • Directors NICs
  • Dealing with third party enquiries and payroll queries
  • Encrypted secure data transmission
  • e-Payslips

By choosing to use PEM to provide payroll services for our business, you will benefit in many ways:

Frees up time – the time of key personnel is released to focus on their core business rather than payroll administration.

Saves money– the significant overhead in time, money and resources involved with the compulsory record keeping and administration of payroll is avoided. Because we specialise in payroll we have a high level of expertise at a lower cost.

Technology – the costs of capital investment are reduced and dependence on IT removed, as the requirements of enhancing technology rest with us

Legislative complexity – the need for experienced in-house specialists is eliminated

Confidentiality – employers are assured a confidential, professional and personal approach

Contingency planning – the worry of paying staff on time is removed.

Whether you are already using a payroll outsourcing service or you are looking to use one for the first time, please contact us for further information or submit an online enquiry.

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