Our Core Values

Three words sum up what's important to us at PEM:


Authenticity means that we are true to ourselves and our clients. We are honest, open and transparent. It's the best way to be. We never waffle and never sugar-coat. We are genuine and say it as it is.


Reliability means we always deliver what we say we will, thanks to the high calibre of our team and the services we offer. Whether we are recommending a brand new solution or a more traditional approach, we always have the clients'; interests at heart and they can rely on us to deliver our very best.


A good working relationship relies on us getting to know our clients and developing a deep understanding of their needs, their wants and their aspirations. We assure our clients that we would act in exactly the same way to achieve the same outcomes for ourselves.They really are in the best hands.

Our key value lies in the ability to see and appreciate the bigger picture, get to the real issues and make pragmatic recommendations.

If you would like to be a part of PEM, take a look at our current opportunities to see if we have a role to suit you.