IT Services

We know how important IT is to your business, saving you time and money by keeping your IT systems running without a glitch and allowing your staff to be more productive. Based in the heart of Cambridge our team offers all the IT services you need, whenever you need it; whether it be a server installation or just a quick phone call.

Our team are all Microsoft Certified meaning that our technical service is second to none within the IT services industry with experience across a wide range of business sectors from Estate Agents to Accountants providing support such as server installations and configurations, virtualisation and remote access solutions. From how a desktop computer works, connecting to the internet through to printers and photocopiers, our fully trained staff work with clients on a daily basis recommending solutions and fixing issues.

We provide services on all aspects of IT including:

IT Support
Our team of Microsoft certified support engineers have a wide variety of expertise in delivering and managing IT projects, such as server installations, virtualisation and remote access solutions.

Cloud Computing Services
Cloud computing is about accessing and using software over the internet.  It offers a more flexible approach to computing, allowing you to increase capacity on the go without investing in new equipment or buying expensive software licences.

We supply you with the kit that is needed to achieve your IT needs at a competitive price point. Our engineers provide on-site and remote installation and maintenance services that suit you.

IT Security services
We provide the services that you require to adhere to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recommendations that portable and mobile devices should be protected using approved encryption software.

Visit the 4Cambridge website to find out how they can help you and your business needs.

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