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Brexit update: after rejection of no deal

There is continued uncertainty following yesterday’s decision by Parliament to reject the no deal scenario.

Today MPs will vote on whether to delay leaving the EU beyond 29 March. Brexit would then be postponed provided all other member states agree. Leaving without a deal or with the PM’s deal remain possibilities despite rejections of both in recent days. No deal would still be the default outcome if the UK and the EU cannot agree a deal. The PM remains determined to avoid this and it seems certain that there will be a third vote on her deal next week. With just 15 days to go before the current exit date, time is running out for a solution to be found within Parliament. If an extension is agreed, this might give time for a major renegotiation leading to a completely new deal. All the time, the spectres of another referendum and a general election remain, either of which could result in there being no Brexit at all. Meanwhile, in a largely overlooked Spring Statement, the Chancellor offered to spend £26 billion subject to there being a smooth Brexit. No further details were provided.