Colleges Newsletter, January 2019

Happy New Year and welcome to the second edition of our updates for Colleges which we will be publishing termly. The idea behind these is to keep Colleges abreast of developments which specifically affect them and is in...

PEM Charities Newsletter December 2018

PEM Charities & NFP Newsletter - December 2018

Looking back to my remarks in the December 2017 newsletter, it seems as if little has changed; ‘Brexit’ and ‘challenging’ featured heavily then and continue to do so. However by the time many of you read this newsletter...


The attractions of a Family Investment Company

Family Investment Companies (FICs) are growing in popularity as a tax-efficient way to hold, control, and pass on family assets. They are typically used to hold stocks/shares and let property, but there are in fact no...

Making Tax Digital Brochure

Making Tax Digital - Brochure

In 2015, the Government announced ambitious plans to modernise the administration of the UK tax system through its Making Tax Digital initiative. 


Corporate Criminal Offence - How do you plead?

The Criminal Finance Act has now been in force for a little over a year. Whilst there has been little publicity in respect of this new legislation, the implications could be wide and far reaching with possible criminal...