How to make acquisition strategic


Our latest whitepaper looks at how to optimise an acquisition by identifying strategic value.

Download the PDF here

Strategic value is becoming increasingly important to growing businesses. In fact, a recent survey found that 79% of businesses purchasing a company in 2015 will do so for strategic reasons, including to:

  • expand geographic reach
  • widen their customer base
  • enter new lines of business 

So how do you identify strategic value, and what are the benefits of doing so? 

This whitepaper outlines seven questions to help you identify valuable synergies in a target company, and determine the likely success of an acquisition.

How to make acquisition strategic: Download the whitepaper here.


Lake Falconer

Corporate Finance Partner
Lake leads the PEM Corporate Finance team on MBO, acquisition, disposal, succession and strategic planning. He also heads up PEM’s valuation team providing business valuations for shareholder exits, disputes, business planning and regulation. Lake has over 30 years' senior level experience as a business adviser and as a manager in industry. He holds the ICAEW corporate finance qualification.

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